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My two children and me

Meet The Nguyen Family

My name is Hung Nguyen. Thank you letting us share our culture with you at our restaurant. Our family were refugee boat immigrants who escaped communist Vietnam in 1981. I spent two years in refugee camps in Malaysia and in the Philippines. In 1983, I moved and settled in Seattle. When we came to America we knew very little English, but we had our cooking skills. We wanted to cook for the people here with food from our hearts. The same food that we provided for our families. We believe that food connects us all. When you’re here, you’re family. 

In 1989, I opened a small restaurant in Pioneer Square. After an amazing 16 years in Pioneer Square, we opened a restaurant in Ballard named The Monkey Bridge.

After 25 years serving our community, we are still a family-owned and operated restaurant. 

Our Story

Our parents grew up in a rural landscape in southern Vietnam carved out by rivers and waterways. It is across these rivers and waterways that monkey bridges, named for the monkey-like postures travelers make as they cross bamboo bridges, link villagers to their local markets for fresh fish, produce, and herbs. The use of fresh ingredients is essential in traditional Vietnamese cooking whether in rural Vietnam or Seattle, Washington. Our family's background is rooted in this rural landscape, and we hope to honor this heritage by bringing the flavors of traditional cooking to share with you.

In the Kitchen

We pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional dining experience centered around fresh ingredients. With our commitment to using the finest produce, herbs, and spices, we bring the authentic flavors of Vietnamese cuisine to your table.

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